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You can find news, guides and downloads to install xpenology on your favorite machine. Please Share your experiences and comments so we learn from each other!

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For reliable operation of the DSM, you should buy the original product from the manufacturer!

If you are not yet familiar with Synology devices, it’s time to buy one!
To get started, visit the company’s website Synology.


The heart of the device is its Synology operating system DSM (Disk Station Manager), which is used in all devices produced by Synology. It is a well-optimized Linux kernel, most of the changes which aims to work with hard disk drives (full list of compatible discs) and Raid arrays. There are many Open source packages u can use for free!

DSM is loved by many, but unfortunately Synology did not release a version for the PC. The operating system is not compatible with desktop hardware or servers that are not produced by Synology.

What is XPEnology

DSM is loaded on a synology Device with USB flash drive, soldered on the motherboard, the operation system and all applications located are in special slice of the hard disk drives (on each) this method allows to increase the service life of the boot flash and increase productivity.

XPEnology is a bootloader as IMG image. XPEnology compiled from the source code provided Synology under license GNU. XPEnology does not contain the operating system.
In addition to the kernel in the boot loader included some scripts and driver packages to work on most particular hardware platforms.