Read VID and PID USB Drive

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VID & PID values are needed to hide USB flash drive from DSM.

VID – Vendor Identifier
PID – Product Identifier

The VID and PID are unique for all different flash devices.

U can find the VID and PID file in windows and you do not need additional tools to find the vid and pid.

  1. Open the “Device Manager”.
  2. Find the USB device, VID and PID which you want to define.
  3. After clicking the right button, select “Properties”
  4. In the resulting window, select the tab “Details” and, if necessary, choose from the drop-down list “Hardware ID”. If you can’t find any info like on the image below check the list for a line that looks like the line below.


After determining the value of your VID and PID add it in your bootloader configuration file.

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