Enable SHR in DSM 6

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SHR is removed from DSM 6. If you want SHR back you can do so by editing the synoinfo.conf.

Edit the file:


Add above the line:


the following line:

support_syno_hybrid_raid = "yes"

Comment the following line (put a # before the line):


Reboot your diskstation and enjoy SHR again.

One thought on “Enable SHR in DSM 6

  1. Rocky

    Thank you for this great info! I got the SHR to work after following your instruction. I noticed that you were using WinSCP as a GUI tool to make changes over SSH connection. That seems like the most easier option to make changes using GUI. However, it wouldn’t allow write access by using DSM admin account alone. After some researches, I found out it also required Root access permission in order to make changes, but WinSCP doesn’t support 2nd time login with root and its password. I decided to switch to Putty and using traditional CLI console access method. Login with DSM admin account, then login in again with the command: sudo -i and it should prompt for password again. It should be the same password as Admin account. After that, I used the build-in VI text editor, and i was able to modify and save the config file. After the reboot, SHR was back again!


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